How many guys live at Varsity House?
Currently, there are 50 guys living in the house.

How much is rent?

Rent is a modest $485 a month (or three times a term) and $200 for every month over the summer (or $50 every week).

What does rent cover?

  • Utilities (Electricity, Water, Garbage, Internet, Laundry, Cable)

  • Sleeping room (Sleeping porches)

  • Study Rooms

  • Meals:

                  -Breakfast food (cereal, granola, waffles, eggs, etc.)
                  -Lunch prepared by chef (Monday through Friday)
                  -Dinner prepared by chef (Monday through Friday)

When can I apply?
Applications are accepted for the coming school year January through April. However there are openings during Winter and Spring terms some years. Contact the vice president for more information.

Can I live in the house as a freshman?
Oregon State has a First Year Experience (FYE) policy which requires all freshman to live their first year on campus. This can be circumvented by taking the majority of your first year credits at Linn-Benton Community College OR by filing for religious exemption through OSU.

What sort of internet access is provided?
There is wireless throughout the house, and every room has ethernet ports.

Are Varsity House residents required to do chores?
Every member of Varsity House is assigned one work duty to be completed weekly, and one dish crew per week.

What is provided in the study rooms?
Adequate Storage room for clothing and a bed (in the sleeping porch). All furniture (desks, couches, chairs) must be supplied by the residents.

What are the rules about alcohol, tobacco, drugs, and weapons on the Varsity House property?

  • Alcohol is strictly prohibited.

  • Tobacco may be kept, but not used on Varsity House Property.

  • Drugs, aside from prescription and medical use drugs, are strictly prohibited.

  • Weapons are allowed on Varsity House property, but ONLY with adequate safety measures (ie: all guns must be locked away).

  • Varsity House abides by current State and Federal Law to the above.

Are pets allowed?
Pets that are allowed if they are caged (ie. turtles, snakes, goldfish, ect.), but need to be cleared with exec before being moved into the house.